does God exist?

You may have seen this before..but my wife sent it to me this week and it kinda rocked me at my core. She is a big Einstein fan (which makes me a big Einstein fan) and this video really shows his deep instrospection and search for God. What do you think?

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  • This freakin’ rocks! Awesome! It would not be as cool without the Einstein connection huh? I love it when a student stands up to a professor like this. It is smoking hot. I do not know if it is my cynical mind that is generally skeptical of teachers, or just the raw edge of insanity. You know, where one cares less about the consequences than the truth of what he feels in that moment.

    • Cool nonetheless for sure. I do enjoy a little questioning of authority. I like when people are forced to “prove” their statements. It means they actually HAVE thought about them. I can respect someone who holds steady to their convictions because they’ve questioned them, tested them, and found them to be true for themselves not simply and blindly followed because they were “supposed to”. That is true academia. Once the foundations are laid we should be taught how to learn rather than what to learn. Teachers/professors should be compelling students to desire knowledge, modeling and encouraging them to yearn for deeper thoughts and ingraining in them a wantonness for learning (and as believers we should do the same, all the while praying for wisdom, which is altogether a different bird.) I heard someone say in a staff meeting this week that,

      “The smartest man in the world could be without wisdom.”

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