passion makes people do irrational things

loversWe’ve all read or heard stories involving crimes of passion. Where someone is so obsessed, addicted, overwhelmed and passionate about a lover that they murder their lover’s spouse who is obviously messing up the equation. If any of those passionate perpetrators were thinking sanely or rationally..well..there would be more victims of crimes of passion still alive.

Passion makes people do irrational things.

Even passion for sport can create some unreal situations. Some may remember the late 80s Hillsborough disaster in England, where 96 spectators were killed when thousands of rabid fans came pouring into an already filled to capacity stadium crushing those in the front. If rational minds had prevailed, and everyone had just realized it was a game..then there would be 96 people still alive.

Passion makes people do irrational things.

But what’s love without passion? Who want to be in a relationship where you just “kinda like each other?” Passion is what makes the difference. That raw desire so strong that you can’t deny it. That genuine pining to be with that person that you love so dearly.

And what’s sport without passion? Who wants to go to a football game and just watch the plays unfold, never cheering, never losing control and just going crazy when your team wins on the last play? Passion in the fans (a word short for fanatics) creates excitement, unity, and to some degree is what fuels the players to perform!

So..even though passion makes pepople do irrational things..well..we’ve just gotta take that chance!

Life without passion would just be boring. I like to get excited about things that move me. I want to show emotion soccer fanswhen I’m celebrating. I want people to know that the things I love, the things I believe in, the things I stand for..that they mean something to me. Passion plays a huge role in that.

In John 21: Upon recognizing the resurrected Christ, Peter puts his outer garment on and jumps in the water to swim after Jesus. The other disciples simply remain in the boat and guide it to shore.  A rational mind would’ve said,

“the water is cold, and we’re still a hundred yards from shore, yes i know it’s Jesus, but the boat will get us there in just a few minutes.”

But I relate to Peter.  Peter understood that Jesus had passion. It takes an enormous amount of love and passion to let yourself be crucified. There’s a reason they call it the Passion Play. I hope the next time I recognize Jesus that I jump in on the spot..with no concern about how it may look or how irrational it may be. Just a passionate pursuing of my Savior.  Even as irrational as it is, I’ll take my chances with passion.

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