25: The Random Things About Me

old trey pic[updated May 22, 2010]

1. Trey is not my name…it appears nowhere on my birth certificate, driver’s license or any other legal document…it’s a lifelong nickname…my real name is a mystery…ok not really…but it does have an English royalty sound to it…Prince William Harold Bailey III (i added the Prince part).

2. I am one of the lucky ones in life (Jason Mraz song instantly pops into my mind)…I married my high school sweetheart and best friend, Alonda Hodges Bailey, a truly amazing women…we’ve been together now for 20 years.

3. I am a father…that’s not so interesting or unique in and of itself…however i have identical twin girls (6 months old) [almost 2 years now] and a three year old daughter [she’s 5 now]…that means i’ll have three teenage females in my house one day, three children in cars witall three treyh auto payments, three college tuitions (hopefully)…please pray for me…and send any donations to PO Box 2243…

4. I’m just a little OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder)…some may say ALOT…but i’ve seen worse…and maybe there’s a bit of denial there…i do like things in a certain way…i fold up fast food wrappers and eat peanuts with a spoon…i prefer to call it “attention to detail” rather than Anal Retentive…

5. I’ve been through the 12-Steps and got my chip.

6. I love words…written words, spoken words, song lyrics, good quotes and made up words…Dr. Seuss just may be my hero.

7. In a former life I fronted the alt-rock band, Rocketboy (www.rocketboylives.com)…was signed to a record deal in Nashville and made two albums, a million memories and very rocketboy bargin binlittle money…i still cherish those guys though (Slade Curtis, Kip Bell, Tim Yogi Watts/Rob Jones) and will actually be getting together with a couple of them soon to write a few songs (for fun).

8. I move slow…there is not much fast about me.

9. I don’t consider myself a good conversationalist…I have no problem with silence…most people do…I pause a lot and think about my next sentence…most people take that opportunity to begin talking again…i rarely feel like i finish a complete thought in a dialogue…but i listen well.

10. I have a cat eye…one of my pupils is elongated like a cats…not round like a humans…and I look at people in the eye when i talk…freaks some folks out.

11. I get thousands of forwarded emails and i rarely read them and seldom continue the forward.

12. The two most influential books in my life have been the Bible and Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.

13. I enjoy a healthy, honest and calm debate where both parties share ideas, thoughts, and research in an effort to convince the other party of their argument…and i subscribe to the theory that cooler heads prevail…and that the best decisions are made out of cordial conflict. I think the loudest guy at the table (despite his ideas) is usually a jerk and can’t control himself thus it is hard for me to listen to him. He may have the last say…but i rarely leave convinced of his point.

14. I can ramble.

15. I am a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party (www.lp.org)…yeah really…i pay dues and everything…that doesn’t mean i blindly follow party lines or lp postitsubscribe to every policy…but simply put i believe in freedom and liberty…i believe in smaller government and fewer corrupt politicians deciding where MY hard earned money should go…and there is not another party out there that matches better with who i am…

16. I love the stars…but I hate the dark. I guess in order to get some things you like you have to endure some things you don’t.

17. I have been called an enigma…and i’m not certain if it’s always a compliment.
–noun, plural -mas,
A. a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation: His disappearance is an enigma that has given rise to much speculation.
B. a person of puzzling or contradictory character: To me he has always been an enigma, one minute completely insensitive, the next moved to tears.

18. My guilty pleasures are American Idol and French Twirls/Cream Horns…I love a good pastry…especially with coffee. However, I can’t recall ever eating a French Twirl and watching American Idol at the same time.

19. Yeah…I’m a coffee guy…love it…gotta have it…jones for it.geek trey

20. I think Tivo is one of the best inventions ever.

21. I have a large collection of Star Wars figurines still in their packaging and displayed proudly in the Man Cave (my basement), was in the marching band, love to read, enjoy a good challenging math word problem, and can often be seen typing away on my faux-Blackberry [now iPhone]…AND daily try to convince myself that i’m not a geek!

22. (enigma alert)…I absolutely love the game of football…i love the raw physicality of it…the hard hitting barbaric nature of it…the strategy…the team aspect…the different skilled positions…the pageantry…the history…the glory…my favorite is of course the Georgia Bulldogs…i bleed red and black…i must watch them and i must cheer them on…but i will never be the fan that my wife is…she actually graduated from UGA (i didn’t make the cut…who knew that attendance and test scores mattered to professors?)…i am not allowed to watch GT on tv…ever…not in HER house…and never, ever cheer for GT or Florida to win…she almost served me papers during the Florida v Oklahoma game…i think i smiled one time when Florida scored…

23. I’m not a big fan of games of chance…but i play poker…and i know the numbers…shuffle up and deal.

24. I have the most respect for, what i call true artists, the folks that write their own songs, play their own instrument, and passionately sing their stories. Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love) will forever be on the top of that list for me. Most “contemporary” christian music does not fall into this category and thus my general disdain of it.

25. I am surrounded by music…it has been my profession and hobby…it has been a means for me to tell my story and tell others too…i currently volunteer leading worship at Eastridge once or twice a month…i love the worship songs…i enjoy that glad abandon that worship provides and the unity of believers when they all sing as one, with one goal and one purpose…being able to empty oneself yet walk away feeling filled rather than spent will be an emotional/spiritual equation that i will never understand…to God be the glory.

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