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First things first…I am not a man of wisdom (just ask my wife about it)!?! I spend my life correcting, apologizing, and re-routing my planned path due to un-wise decisions. I do, however, love the pursuit of wisdom. I was one of those geeks in school who really enjoyed writing a research paper because I was able to “learn” so many new things. Yeah, I know…complete spaz. But hey…that’s me…I don’t try to hide it. And when I get on a reading kick, I just can’t get enough: newspapers, blogs, magazines, business books, appliance manuals…you name it. But reading takes TIME…TIME!?!…and who has TIME? I, like the rest of the world, certainly don’t have any time! Twins! A three year old! Wife! Work! Ministry! Friends! Car repair! Grocery store! Holiday gatherings! Football! (look football is important on so many levels!!!!)

So in my estimation, in order to be wise you must read and take information in, process that information, and apply it somehow to the betterment of yourself or society. And well…reading takes time…therefore the logical realization is that in order to be wise…you must have time.

Some people tell me that time comes more freely in certain “stages of life.” Maybe that’s true for some folks…but for me…if I get any of that so-called “time,” I tend to spend it all, use it up, and exhaust it. I guess I treat time just like I treat money. I try to budget and make sure all the necessities are taken care of…then I apply any left-over to “fun” activities or commit a portion to a new purchase or activity (and believe you me, there is nothing left over these days)…but the end result is the same…at the end of the day…the money is spent (and so is the time.)

One of my goals for 2009 is to find some of that “left-over” TIME (or create it) and put it to better use. Maybe it’s sacrificing some “sleep” time or TV time…I’m sure if wisdom is important enough to me, or is one of the “necessities” of life…I will find TIME!!!

“For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”
–Proverbs 2:6
(yeah…it’s imperative that I “make” time…since He “gives wisdom” and from Him comes “knowledge and understanding.”)

(I do not intend on any of my notes being sermons…or to sound preachy…I hope anyone that reads these words will understand that it helps ME to get my thoughts out on paper…helps ME to organize my rationale and reasoning…it causes me to be more accountable…if I ever sound like a preacher it’s because “I” need some preaching…not you. So take it for what it’s worth…I appreciate the kind words and comments from you guys.)

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