a song for the unsung heroes…

Everyone loves a winner…but there’s something deep inside us that loves even more to pull for the underdog. This note is not about the underdog per se…but it’s a collection of thoughts about a collection of folks that are unsung heroes to me. People that make a difference, yet you may never see them or realize the integral part they play in the success of others. So, I feel the need to tell you about them so you can pull for them too (or maybe just thank them.) To these special people I pledge my support, tip my hat, and freely give kudos!

Every Sunday that I volunteer at Eastridge or lead worship at other places I’m usually overwhelmed with how nice and encouraging folks are. I know there are so many times where such accolades and “attaboys” are just people being nice…I mean…I think I know my strengths but I’m well aware and utterly cognizant of my many weaknesses…and church people are always encouragers…they are quick to pat you on the back whether you delivered flawlessly or train wrecked the entire thing. C’mon, they’re at church, they’re trying to be nice. All that to say…I completely appreciate the kind words (whether they’re genuine, fake, or just words.) So please don’t stop…!!! BUT……….

(now I fear that this next section may sound like an awards speech or the liner notes on the inside flap of a CD cover…it isn’t intended to sound like that…I haven’t won any awards that I’m mindful of and it’s been quite a long time since I’ve recorded a CD…these are just things that I feel need to be said of a few great folks)

…but while I am encouraged by what people say, and affirmed that I am volunteering in the right place and using what God has given to me for His glory…I am reminded that there are others who are vital to me being afforded the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

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First of all…the entire technical team who run the sound board, the lighting board, the multimedia and screens. A church service doesn’t happen without these folks making sure all the logistical and electrical stuff flow (no pun intended) and that the service is a success…that the sound is adequate and the band rocks…that the lights are appropriate to the mood of the service…that the lyrics and sermon notes are visible on time, tasteful and without distraction…And there are so many in this group that serve so willingly. Steven and Sue Gregory stand out to me…because of their relentless servitude. Every time I’m there I see them…serving…giving their time and talents. Kudos to you Sue and Steven Gregory.

Another individual that brings more to the table than anyone would ever know is Chris Queen. This guy who once stood on the stage and received the accolades first hand took a role as Program Director that fits perfectly with his personality (his actual job title with the church is much more inclusive…I’m just speaking of Sundays and his role there)…perfection is what he strives for…but encouragement is what he doles out. Is he honest, yes…but you always walk away feeling good about the conversation, feeling built-up. This is a true gift. Chris also is a creative force always pointing me to new ideas, new bands, new songs, new ideas, etc. And ask him to do anything…no really…I dare you…because even if he has no idea, he will research and find a way…and get it done! He is invaluable to our team.

There are others that contribute that aren’t even in the Worship Arts Ministry. For instance, my wife pulls up to the church Sunday, the lone adult in the mini-van, with the task of delivering two babies to the nursery and one rambunctious three year old to her class!?! WHAT!?! Yes…and before she can get out of the van she is met by Esther Windom and Ashley Aderhold (who is WITH CHILD). They relieve my wife of her sweet burdens and whisk away our children to the appropriate classes. That is amazing!!!! I was so moved when Alonda told me the story…that people give so freely…think of others first…that I wanted to find these people and hug them on the spot! Sincerest thanks to you two and your act of service to my wife.

And that is a nice transition into my last major kudos for this note…my wife, Alonda. I don’t know how much you may know about music…or particularly leading worship…(and I want to be careful here not to build it up to be bigger than any other gift…I actually liken the gift of leading worship to that of a nursery worker…we’re all given different gifts, it’s just our responsibility to use them…one is not more important than another…they are all vital to the worship experience)…but here is what a week may look like for a worship leader:

-some alone time spent with the week’s set list to acclimate oneself with the songs, to work on transitions, to find the right keys, to suggest arrangement changes and the like…with twin baby girls and the high-maintenance three year old this time does not come easily…but somehow…my wife makes time, sacrifices her own time to allow me this opportunity to prepare…

-then there’s the communication throughout the week with the worship team…passing along the notes and ideas…again…more time…usually by email, text, and a few phone calls…

-oh then there’s the actual practicing of the songs…us musicians have to lock ourselves in our garages, basements or bedrooms with an ipod and some earphones and our music makers (guitar, bass, drum, vocals, piano)…again…this takes precious time…and Alonda finds a way to free me up to rehearse…

-then comes Sunday…a 5:00am wake up call…a 6:00am rehearsal…a 9:00am service and then another at 10:45am…finally packing up the gear and heading to lunch around noon or 12:30pm…guess who has to get all the kids up, bathed, dressed, fed, bags packed and then to church…yup…my amazing wife!

-and lastly there’s the Sunday “coming down” time…I can’t speak for all the musicians, but after I eat lunch on Sunday, I’m no good…I crash for a while only to resurface sometime Sunday evening to join the family.

I have no idea how my wife does it! Truly, I have no idea. She is an amazing woman who has a full-time job and then comes home to another full-time job…and she does it because she wants me to serve in ministry. At any point, she could say that it is all just too much…that she can’t sacrifice any more time and she needs me to step up and step out of ministry for a while…but she doesn’t. And I am afforded the opportunity to serve the church…and in doing so…she is serving the church as well!

I can walk off the stage and out of the spotlight on Sunday, and often to pats on the back…but I tell ya…I deserve none of them. My wife, now she deserves a crown! And the Steven & Sue Gregorys, the Chris Queens, the Esther Windoms and Ashley Aderholds…they deserve crowns too.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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