New Beginnings or same ole Resolutions?

I don’t know about you, but 2008 can’t end soon enough!?!

This year has been one of great highs and deep lows for me and my friends.
I was elated to welcome the newest additions, Katilyn & Kristen, to our family mid-year…two amazing little babies with genetic exactness (identical twins). I love new beginnings. New life or newfound life intrigues me and empowers me. There’s something about the starting (or starting over) process that simply fuels my bones and excites me. New Year’s Eve/Day is my favorite time of the year. I get to burn out bad habits and raise up new (if not re-new) ones, like the phoenix rising from its ashes. Some make the list annually, things like: lose a few pounds, work-out and excercise more, eat better (more healthy foods, that is…I have no problem eating), be more disciplined with my spiritual relationship and more intentional with my readings, pray more, talk less, listen more, share my faith more, be a better father and husband, etc. But this year i’m adding a new one.

now about the new one…

I’ve been involved/employed/in attendance/serving in church since I was a child. Many differing degrees, mind you…but alwyas there in some capacity. 2008 marked a year in which simple church attendance became very difficult…and for all the same reasons as anyone else: it’s hard to get there on Sunday morning, I get burned out, I don’t need to go today I can pray and read my Bible at home, the place is filled with a bunch of hypocrites, etc. All of which are somewhat true but also somewhat invalid and more or less…well…just excuses.

So one of my resolutions for 2009 is to go to church on Sunday. I know, it’s a weird one for most of you who attend every time the doors are open…but it is something that I am “resloved” to do. I know that it will be diffiicult to get two adults, one toddler and two babies up and ready…but it will be rewarding. I know that ministry involvement may take up precious time and resources and may tease me toward burn-out…but that would be due to my selfishness, not anything that the church would cause. The antidote for selfishness, ironically, is giving. I know that I can read my Bible and pray anywhere on the planet…but few places offer such life-applicable teaching of the Word and an opportunity to worship corporately while encouraging authenticity like my church. And yes, the place will be filled with hypocrites, sinners and generally just bad people (of which I may be the worst)…but that’s where we’re welcomed…I’ve heard it said that the hospital is not a home for well people, but a place for the sick. And chuch is no different. I will go…and I will celebrate that I am not bound by my hypocrite-ness, my sin or my ugliness…I am freed by Jesus…Beautiful Jesus.

We are singing a song this week called Beautiful Jesus and here is a sample of the lyrics. I print them here because they truly speak to me:

Your love oh God,
displayed for us,
as criimson covered over sinelss hands.
Your majesty,
for all to see,
in raging storms and quiet cloudless days.

Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Savior
Nothing is greater, brilliant Creator, friend of mine.

Your powerful,
above this world,
the universe is under Your command.
Your glory shines,
a holy light,
that leads our hearts to praise Your holy name…is on our lips

Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Savior
Nothing is greater, brilliant Creator, friend of mine.
Perfect in power
Matchless in glory
Nothing is greater, brilliant Creator, friend of mine.

So…if you’re like me…and just need to resolve to be at church…then come on over Sunday. I’d love to see you. We can do this together!

Eastridge is where I call home.
863 Hwy 142
Covington, GA 30014

Till Sunday…have a nice and safe holiday.

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